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Mini USB Pro duplicator accessories

When it comes to copying the USB, there are many ways. Generally, people usually use a software-based solution, dd command or just copy-and-paste on the computer to copy a USB, cause they’re a low-budget solution and available easily. …

When it comes to USB duplication, we usually do it with a computer. Almost every PC ship with USB ports. By plugging USBs into computers, you can easily copy files. It’s the easiest and non-cost way and usually used by most people.
But what if you have to copy multiple…

When we clone a hard drive we might think of a docking station, a duplicator, or use the software. What exactly is the difference between them.

We all want a great deal that is the best for us, cheaper, easier, and faster.
So today we focus on the hardware. We’re going…


Innovade is a freelance writer covering tech, DIY and topics about data copying and transferring.

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